Intellectual Property Law Firm

“When you find yourself embroiled in a dispute involving Intellectual Property, you need patent lawyers and trademark lawyers that have experience in handling those types of disputes. You need lawyers that not only understand the legal issues, but you also need lawyers that understand your business objectives”

John (Ted) Polasek is a partner at Elliott & Polasek, PLLC, an intellectual property boutique law firm in Houston, Texas.  Elliott & Polasek is a full-service intellectual property law firm dedicated to providing exceptional legal service to companies and individuals in the areas of intellectual property litigation, prosecuting patent, trademark and copyright applications, rendering opinions and providing general IP counsel.

Over the past 25 years, Ted has provided patent litigation legal services and counseling involving the products and processes of some of the world’s largest companies.  The lawyers at Elliott & Polasek are experienced at providing its clients with effective methods to create and enforce their IP rights.

Result-oriented fee arrangements and contingent fee patent litigation

Elliott & Polasek strive to provide its clients with representation at hourly rates significantly lower than those charged by big firms, and provide result-oriented fee arrangements, such as a contingent fee option. The attorneys provide its clients with the one-on-one attention sought by clients, yet lost in most larger firms.

Our founders recognize that many clients, including clients capable of paying its attorneys by the hour, also seek to incentivize efficiency.  The firm offers risk sharing arrangements, such as contingency fee, partial hourly/contingent fee, flat fee and other sensible arrangements.

Litigation Practice

The firm’s attorneys have years of experience in enforcing patents through patent litigation and licensing for clients seeking hourly or contingent fee representation, and defending companies accused of violating the intellectual property rights of others.