Use of Experts in a Licensing Dispute

In Ceats, Inc. v Ticketnetwork. Inc., et. al., 2:15 –cv-1470, (E.D. Tex. Jan 17, 2018) the court in the Eastern District of Texas was required to address the limits of permissible expert testimony in a licensing dispute over royalties. The parties to that dispute had settled a prior patent infringement litigation by entering into a license agreement. However a dispute arose over the amount owed pursuant to the running royalty provisions which led to further litigation

Patent Venue Discovery

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s TC Heartland decision and In re Cray from the Federal Circuit that impacts patent litigations across the United States, litigants are attempting to determine the boundaries of proper and improper patent venue for patent infringement cases. This, of course, leads to disputes concerning what information and facts are relevant and what are not. As courts wrestle with these issues, it will be interesting to see if the boundaries of discovery are bright